Muscle Energy Technique (MET) courses

3 Systems Approach courses

The 3 Systems Approach is a new set of classes I am offering starting in the Fall of 2015. These classes go beyond the typical treatment techniques for back and neck pain. The 3 System Approach are a complete system of evaluation and diagnostically based treatment programs that allows the therapist to effectively manage a patient based on their individual signs and symptoms. It allows the therapists to pull from a baseline of knowledge in all 3 musculoskeletal systems (Articular, Muscular and Neural) and adapt a uniquely individual treatment plan.

Each system will be individually evaluated and treatment will be taught based on these evaluations:

  • For the articular system; techniques of sustained force loading, oscillatory articular mobilization and functional mobilization will be taught.
  • For the muscular system; techniques will retraining of the intrinsic control mechanism for stability, global stabilizer retraining and concepts of strength will be addressed.
  • For the dynamic neural system; testing and treatment will be applied using techniques to both increase neural mobility and decrease and over sensitive neural system.

These are clinically based classes with the following objectives:

1) A working knowledge of all 3 musculoskeletal systems.
2) The ability to immediately apply the evaluation and treatment techniques when returning to the clinic.
3) To teach the therapist an adaptive approach and flexible mindset so they can help patients who would otherwise fail in therapy.


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