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People who choose to work as body therapists are motivated by a desire to help others feel better in their bodies. At the same time, massage and other manual therapies can put enormous stress on the therapist’s own body. On average, hands-on therapists develop a work-related injury within less than five years of practice, hampering their
ability to continue doing the work they love.

This 12 hour workshop introduces the basics of Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR®), a practical, powerful system that can keep massage therapists free from injury. YBR® was initially developed by Yamuna Zake to keep her own body from breaking down while working with her hands-on therapy, Yamuna® Body Logic. Additionally, she wanted to give her clients a tool that they could use in between their therapy sessions with her.

YBR® for massage therapists focuses on:

.Self-assessment to determine which areas of the body are subject to too much impact and wear and tear;
. Aligning the bones in every area of the body, then aligning the muscles to the bones, thus keeping the body strong and avoiding breakdowns;
. Assessing the massage therapist’s working position; determining whether it is optimal for the therapist and
finding more efficient and sustainable ways to position the body;
. Using YBR® as a practice tool to prevent and heal injuries and correct unhealthy work positions, so that the body remains properly aligned while working;
. Determining which routines will best prevent habitual work patterns from settling in and becoming calcified.

Topics covered in the workshop include:

Breath Work
Foot Fitness
Aligning the Femurs & Thigh Muscles
Pelvis & Hip Integrity & Alignment
Decompressing & Stabilizing the Lumbar Spine
The Rib Cage
The Back & the Sides of the Body
Hands & Wrists

YBR® Self-help Techniques for Massage Therapists has been approved for 12 CEUs by the NCBTMB.

All instructors are Certified YAMUNA® Body Roller Practitioners, and specialists in related bodywork fields, who have received additional training from Yamuna Zake relative to working with massage therapists.

Yamuna has written a manual to accompany the training, which will serve as a practical self-help guide for the therapist during, and after, the workshop.

A specially assembled Massage Therapist’s Kit contains a gold ball, black balls and Foot Wakers, and is sold separately for $90.

Please note that this training does not permit therapists to teach the training to others and is not part of the Yamuna® Body Rolling training program.

For more information about this workshop and pricing, please contact Maxine at 720-205-4550 or maxinetobler@comcast.net



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